Free delivery for orders over $50!



How big are the pizzas?

Around 12-14 inches! Most folks find a pizza comfortably feeds 1-2 adults. Eric and I usually make a salad and heat up one to share; if it's the only thing we're eating for dinner we'll heat up two and save the leftovers for lunch the next day.

How does ordering work?

It's pretty simple: put in your order and we’ll drop it off! We update inventory no later than noon on Monday and deliver on Wednesday/Thursday in Seattle, Fridays in West Seattle, and Monday/Tuesday on the East Side.

On Saturdays we host pickups at our Production Kitchen in Sodo from 12pm-4pm. We usually fire up the oven and make fresh treats like country loaf available for purchase. 

If you want to be the first to know when we drop pizza sign up for our email list! We holler each week when new pies are available.

There is no sales tax on pizza or cookies and delivery is free after $50, we charge $5 for orders less than $50.

I don't want to remember to order on Monday--is there a way I can skip the line and get pizza every week, every other week, or once a month?

YES. The Pizza Program is for you!


What time will you drop by?

We'll drop by sometime between 11:00am and 6:00pm--you'll be able to tell us what times work best for you when you check out and will receive a rough ETA and reminder the morning of your delivery. You must provide at least a 2 hour window and longer windows really help us make the routing work efficiently.

What if I'm not home during delivery?

You'll receive an ETA in the morning via text and email and another notification when your order is delivered. If you know you won't be home during delivery we sell insulated bags, just add one to your order to make sure it stays cool!

The pizza is ok outside the freezer for a few hours, but should be discarded if left at room temperature for longer than that. Do not store in the fridge or thaw before cooking, always keep this pizza frozen until you’re ready to bake.

What's the delivery area?

We deliver anywhere in Seattle as far north as 185th in Shoreline and as far south as MLK / Rainier in Renton and anywhere north of S 160th St in West Seattle / White Center / Burien / Seatac. On Mondays we deliver in Kenmore, Bothell, Woodinville, Kirkland, and Redmond, on Tuesdays we deliver in Bellevue, Mercer Island, Newcastle and Issaquah.

For customers who are flexible on delivery day we’re asking folks who live north of the ship canal to slot into Wednesdays. Thursdays are, you guessed it, for folks who live south of the ship canal. If you don’t have flexibility on your delivery day that’s ok, if you live in our Seattle delivery area we’ll make it work on either day. If you’re in West Seattle we’ll swing by on Fridays.


really want to try this pizza but I'm broke / I know someone who needs a hand with satisfying, quick, nutritious meals.

Sometimes you're in a tough spot and just need someone to make you dinner--we've been there. If this sounds like you or someone you know send us an email and we'll make it happen.


I have a outdoor pizza oven/baking steel/stone/cast iron pan. Should I use it?

In general, no. 

Outdoor ovens are designed to mimic high heat cooking situations like a wood-fire oven. You are almost certainly going to burn your pizza using one of these. If you can hit around 500F with your oven you’re welcome to give it a shot, but be especially careful of the bottom of the pie which already has a good deal of color.

Pizza steels and stones are there to retain a ton of thermal energy and then pass that along to the pizza itself resulting in pretty leopard spots, micro blisters, etc. They mimic a fancy deck oven which usually has enormous stones inside purpose built for this very thing. 

Because we par-bake our pizzas in a deck oven like this we strive to get a fairly robust cook on the bottom of the pizza. That's why our instructions are to use a baking sheet which actually serves to *slow* cooking on the bottom of the pizza, giving enough time for the top to brown and for the toppings to melt.
So, if you look at the bottom of the pizza and want it to be significantly darker you could bake it directly on a rack, skipping the baking sheet. If you want it darker still you could pre-heat a steel or stone and use that.

In general we recommend following the baking instructions and then adjusting from there for your particular taste and baking situation. 

Why should I rotate the pizza midway through baking?

Our instructions say to bake for 4-7 minutes at 500f, rotate the pizza 180 degrees, and bake another 4-7 minutes. The back of your oven is usually hotter than the front and this rotation is designed to give you an even bake. When cooking at home  just take the pizza out and rotate the darkest part to the front of the oven giving the back time to add color, melt cheese, and cook toppings.

Should I thaw the pizza before baking?

NO. These pizzas are designed to be cooked from frozen and are not safe for prolonged periods above 38F. Please keep them frozen.


I have an allergy, what all gets produced in your space?

We work in a facility that processes wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, egg, soy, and other allergens. Some of those are in the mix every single week, others very rarely. We have the highest standards of cleanliness but cross contamination is possible, if you have a sensitive allergy please contact us with any questions.


How do I get in touch?

Hit us at or on instagram @goodluckbread!