Help Open Our Kitchen!

We're doing it (and we need your help)!

Finally! We are building the community frozen pizza factory of our dreams! We've signed the lease and are mostly moved in, but we need your help to open our doors and start making enough pizza to meet demand and feed the city (no more 5 minute sell outs!)

As we take the biggest leap yet, we're hoping you can launch us by buying a gift card, or if you are so inclined, making a donation to help us get us through a pause in production. We've experienced some hiccups navigating the permitting bureaucracy, and we've already moved out of Dino's. We need your help to open our doors and get back to making pizza! 

    Our Story

    I (Corrie, hi!) developed a recipe and method to make frozen pizzas for my private chef clients; Eric would often scheme about scaling that product for a bigger audience. Even though I thought this idea was a little nuts, I humored him and taught him the process in 2019.

    However, once Eric was laid off in the early days of the pandemic, making frozen pizzas seemed as stable a business as any other in an uncertain world. First, we made 4. Then 10. Then 20. We gave our friends a pizza to test and then asked if they wanted more. When folks asked for an informal "subscription" the Pizza Program was born. 

    One of our first testers was Brandon Pettit, owner of award-winning pizzerias Delancey and Dino’s Tomato Pie. In addition to invaluable mentorship he offered us space to work at Dino's. After their kitchen closed we made pizza through the night and delivered it the next day in Eric’s Toyota Camry. We started making 40, 50, 60, selling through word-of-mouth and honing our culinary and logistical craft. How to make routes (thank you Roan at Mt. Bagel!). Where to buy ingredients. How to manage cooking 5-10 pizzas at a time, and so much more.

    Steadily the business grew. We “went public” with a real website in fall 2020. We hired our first employee, got a bookkeeper, and bought a delivery vehicle. After convincing Brandon to rent us the kitchen a couple days a week (very good for our sleeping schedules and marriage!) we scaled up in earnest as word spread about a frozen pizza that actually tastes good. 

    Now we deliver 400 pizzas every week around the city. We have 4 employees. We are so proud of the business but it has one key flaw: we are not making enough product! As some of you have experienced, we’re selling out in a few minutes every week.

    We found a new home!

    Even with lots of help from a great broker (and many late nights on the commercial MLS site) we couldn't find a workable space to expand operations for 2 years.

    That changed this summer! We have finally found our production space…in Sodo! We're joining a small community of businesses working out of the Kitchen & Market commissary building. We'll have our own 4 walls and are so honored to have great neighbors we respect and admire. I'm also more than a little excited play with our new pizzamaster oven.

    Our Ask: Buy a Gift Card!

    While the space is close to complete we ran into a snag with permitting (let's just say the county is a big fan of hand wash sinks, why have 2 when you could have 3 or 4?). We're in-between spaces: out of Dino's but not quite ready to operate in the new space.

    I'm not going to lie, putting a pause on production considerably affects our family's bottom line. We’re hoping to get through the transition with digital gift cards. These will never expire and each is, in essence, a micro loan (though we won't turn down a macro loan either!).

    If, out of an abundance of generosity, you'd like to send us a little cash outside of a gift card, here's a way to do that or simply click the link below:


    It is a tremendous blessing to make a living by making you pizza. It's mind-blowing to have transitioned from baking a few pies for our friends to making about 100 people dinner every night.

    It also has been challenging and scary. Taking a leap like this, without the net of a partner's straight job or a well-heeled investor, is a profound risk. One we feel is well-worth taking, but it's still caused some distress and sleepless nights.

    We are humbled and grateful for all the kindness and support from our customers, friends, and culinary pals. We love bringing you pizza, and are looking forward to baking many more in the coming years. With love,

    -Corrie and Eric